Ohio Murder Mystery Theater Company, 1MOBInc. offering you simply the best in Original “one night” and “Full Weekend”

Whodunit Murder Mystery plays for public and corporate/private gatherings in Ohio and surrounding States.
1MobInc…”Bringing our ‘Family’ to You”

1MOBInc. The Originators of "Who-Dun-It" Mystery Events

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We are an interactive Murder Mystery Company, which specializes in "Murder Mystery Events" for private, corporate and public showings. Now in case you've never attended a murder mystery performance, ours is like no other you'll ever see, let alone interact with. Have you ever played the board game "CLUE"? Well, the same principals apply but plain and simply put, we at 1MOBINC. put you right in the middle of that fantasyland.

Picture yourself as the detective, sworn in and made to solve the crimes that are occurring around you. Every character is a suspect with the exception of the Detective in charge of the case. He will help you, but he will not tell you who did it. That's up for you to figure out. Our mysteries are NOT performed on a stage; the mystery unfolds in the actual area that you're sitting in. This is why we ask that a seat be left open at your table so that our characters may mingle and perform within the audience.

Our special effects at crime scenes are incredibly realistic due to the F/X wizardry of our technical director. So realistic in fact, we always hear the ever popular "How the heck did they do that?" As far as weaponry goes, we carry top of the line authentic looking hardware from, 9mm's to Tommy Guns and everything in between. All of our theatrical guns we use are blank firing, and have blocked barrels so nothing discharges from them. But they are sure to pack a big BANG when fired.

1MOBInc. The Originators of "Who-Dun-It" Mystery Events